Meike Nauta wins ENIAC best thesis award 2018

April 20th 2019, Meike Nauta has received the ENIAC Thesis Prize for the college year 2017-2018!

From left to right: Peter, Meike, Jip, Shreyasi and Sander

The nominees were:

  • Peter van Dijk met “An efficient simulation of crosslinked RAFT copolymerization”, nominated by FMT
  • Thijs van Ede met “Detecting Adaptive Data Exfiltration in HTTP Traffic”, nominated by SCS
  • Sander Giesselink met “Teach me CPR now!”, nominated by HMI
  • Meike Nauta met “Temporal Causal Discovery and Structure Learning with Attention-Based Convolutional Neural Networks”, nominated by DS
  • Shreyasi Pathak met “Automatic Structuring of Breast Cancer Radiology Reports for Quality Assurance”, nominated by DMB
  • Jip Spel met “Monotonicity in Markov Chains”, nominated by FMT

Thanks to the jury: Roeland Krak (external), Rom Langerak (UTwente, informatics-related) and Anna Sperotto (UTwente, informatics-related). They scored all theses on the following criteria:

  • Scientific approach
  • Practical approach (“engineering approach”)
  • Difficulty of research
  • Readability and usability of thesis to specialists and computer scientists in general
  • Benefits of research / development for greater good

Thanks all for attending, and good luck with your future careers!

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