Simon de Vries wins the ENIAC Thesis Prize 2016!

Wednesday 11 January 2017, Simon de Vries has received the ENIAC Thesis Prize for the college year 2015-2016. Associated is €500,- prize money, as well as a work of art in the price range of €150 to €200. All nominees also received the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.


All nominees, from left to right: Thomas Neele, David Huistra, Simon de Vries, Tobias Uebbing, Herman Slatman and Nils Rodday

All nominees, their thesis’ names and departments:

  • Thomas Neele, met “GPU Implementation of Partial-Order Reduction”, genomineerd door FMT.
    Simon de Vries, met “Achieving 128-bit Security Against Quantum Attacks in OpenVPN”, genomineerd door SCS.
  • David Huistra, met “Automated Generation of Attack Treesby Unfolding Graph Transformation Systems”, genomineerd door ST.
  • Thomas Neele, met “GPU Implementation of Partial-Order Reduction”, genomineerd door FMT.
  • Nils Rodday, met “Exploring Security Vulnerabilities of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles”, genomineerd door DACS.
  • Herman Slatman, met “Unboxing Security Analytics:Towards Effective Data Driven Security Operations”, genomineerd door DB.
  • Tobias Uebbing, met “User Experience in Smart Environments: Design and Prototyping”, genomineerd door HMI.

Thanks to the jury: Ruud Verbij (external), Rom Langerak (UTwente, informatics-related) and Stefan Kooij (UTwente, not informatics-related). They scored all theses on the following criteria:

  • Scientific approach
  • Practical approach (“engineering approach”)
  • Difficulty of research
  • Readability and usability of thesis to specialists and computer scientists in general
  • Benefits of research / development for greater good

Thanks all for attending, and good luck with your future careers!


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