CTIT Symposium: Security and Privacy – something to worry about?

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Technologies and ICT in particular, deeply affect our lives, mainly in the way in which we deal with information and knowledge. As a consequence, the use of ICT raises fundamental questions regarding security and privacy.
How can it be guaranteed that only desired recipients are able to access information? How can the privacy of users be guaranteed in such complex new environments? Is our critical information infrastructure protected in an adequate way?

These are just some of the many security problems that need to be addressed if the benefits of the information revolutions are to be reaped successfully.

The aim of this CTIT symposium is to address the above mentioned concerns from different perspectives, reflecting their multidisciplinary nature. We have invited top experts both from industry and academia, who will demonstrate how technology, law and society come together, when security and privacy related issues have to be solved.

The list of invited speakers includes

As it has become a tradition, at the CTIT symposium the floor will also be given to PhD students from CTIT for short presentations and posters.


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